Compiling requires GTL ( Graph Template Library ), see install instructions

Taris, command line version 0.2

This version of the program designed for command line use only. The main features of this version are:
  • Displays distance and/or similarity percentage matrices for a given set of CUBE or GML files.
  • Displays the distance for a given couple of CUBE files.
  • Allows to save the tree for a given CUBE file in GML format.
  • Allows to save the isopotential surface for a given cutoff in OOGL format.
  • Allows to build dendrograms using R statistical software package.
Source package :

Taris, graphics environment version 0.1 ( comming soon ! )

We are working on a graphic environment to offer some new features:
  • Visualization of isopotential surfaces and trees.
  • Discrimination by color of the different connected components for a given ispotential surface.
  • Visualization of the dendrogram derived from the distance or similarity percentage matrices.