Build dendrograms, loading a similarity matrix previously
generated with TARIS-Matrices. The output file is an image
in PNG format

Depends on:

  1) R ( >= 2.4)
      The R Project for Statistical Computing

      In order to install in debian linux :

      $ apt-get install r-base

  2) ade4 ( >= 1.4 )
      Analysis of Ecological Data :
      Exploratory and Euclidean methods in Environmental sciences

      In order to install in any linux distribution:
      $ wget http://cran.r-project.org/src/contrib/ade4_1.4-9.tar.gz
      $ tar xvfz ade4_1.4-9.tar.gz
      $ su
      # R CMD INSTALL ade4

   TARIS-Dendrogram -i file [PARAMETERS]

Required parameters:
   -i   file
           This is the name of the file containing the similarity
           matrix produced by TARIS-Matrices

Optional parameters:
   -o   output
           Name of the output dendrogram in .png format
   -m   method
           The clustering method to be used for the dendrogram
           construction. The available clustering methods are: ward,
           single, complete, average, mcquitty, median or centroid
   -w   width
           The ouput file image width
   -h   height
           The ouput file image height

For example:
   $ find . -name "*.cube" > list
   $ TARIS-Matrices -i list -m similarity -o matrix.dat
   $ TARIS-Dendrogram -i matrix.dat -o output.png